Ted Baker Maisie Bag – Review

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love bags.

Even as a child I remember I would even collect nice carrier bags 😳

I have moved on from carrier bags now (although I am a sucker for nice packaging) and collect handbags. I have bags from many designers, all different styles and colours.

I do not have a favourite bag. It would be like asking a parent to pick their favourite child.

My intention is to review new bags as I get them for anyone to read (if they are interested!).

So here is my first review and its of the Ted Baker Maisie bag.

The bag is black and nude in colour and is leather. It has a small handle on top and a longer detachable strap.

The bag is a beautiful design and feels very luxurious and well made. It’s a simple, classic design which reminds me of a bag from the 1950’s when ladies always looked glamorous.

The inside has three sections, one of which is zipped and is in a pretty black and grey floral pattern.

The hardware is gold and the bag fastens with two gold fastenings.

A nice “extra” with this bag is the mirror which is in a small pocket at the front of the bag. The back of the mirror is embossed with T’s and is visible at all times.

So to summarise, I love this bag. It’s small and cute, but there is plenty of space for all your things. The style and colours mean it can be used day or night and will go with any outfit.

It seems to be sold out with many of the department stores at the moment. Ted Baker have the plain black version for sale on their website and its £159.00.

Hope you find this review helpful. Please like and share if you do 😀

Handbag Girl xxxx

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