Stationary Haul

So this week I have been purchasing some fabulous stationary.

Recently, Paperchase have opened a shop local to me which I am ecstatic about because I love Paperchase. So today i went for a browse ( I thought it would be rude not to) and purchased this beauty –

It’s a beautiful organiser. Lovely colours and has everything in it you need to be super organised but also, plenty of space to add more stuff.

Earlier this week a trip to TK Maxx resulted in me walking out with a few stationary items –image

These pens are so cute. As you can see they look like pencils but are actually biros.They are lovely pastel colours and have motivational quote written on each of them.

I also picked up this massive pad of “to do” lists which I use every day –


And these gorgeous files are also from TK Maxx –


Lastly, I picked up this book of post it notes from Wilkos –

Can’t wait to start using it all!

Handbag Girl xxxx

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