Liz Earle Product Review

I had heard lots of very positive things about Liz Earle products, particularly the cleanse & polish cleanser. So I decided to purchase some to see if all the hype was right!

I purchased the Cleanse and Polish Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser.


It’s basically a three step routine.

First you cleanse. The cleanser is very creamy and feels very luxurious. It smells very clean and fresh which I think is the eucalyptus oil as its one of the key ingredients.

You don’t need much of the product. Massage it onto your face and then wash off using the cloths provided which you should soak in warm water first. Polish the skin by rubbing in small circular motions over the face this then removes dirt and dead skin. It actually even removes my waterproof mascara.

Next, use the toner. Again, it has the lovely clean scent. Put some onto a cotton wool pad and sweep over the skin.

After both of these steps my skin already feels amazing. It feels so clean and fresh and  really soft.

The final step is to moisturise. The moisturiser is again very luxurious and smells gorgeous.

When I apply these products at night the next morning my skin feels so hydrated and nourished it really is like nothing I have tried before and I have tried more expensive products that don’t come close to these.

So the hype was right. I really can’t fault these products at all. They are well worth the money and after using for a few days, my skin honestly feels the best it has ever felt.

If you were thinking of trying Liz Earle – go for it !

Handbag Girl xxxx

2 thoughts on “Liz Earle Product Review

  1. I recently used his product and unfortunately something in it broke me out in terrible spots. But it definitely is so moisturising and feels lovely when applying – very annoying that my skin doesn’t agree with it xx


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