Daytime makeup routine

I thought it would be fun to blog my makeup this morning. Then I realised I would have to post a photo my myself barefaced 😳

So here it is, let’s get it over and done with (gulp)……


It’s fair to say I really can’t bare looking at myself without makeup. I have a lack of self confidence I suppose. Maybe this will work like therapy or something?! Facing my fears. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

I often get compliments about my makeup so thought I would share my routine.

This is the makeup I apply most days.

so I start by moisturising. I just like a light moisturiser in the day and I am prone to breakouts so this Simple moisturiser is good for my skin.

I like to put a drop of eye brightening drops in each eye. I find this just brightens the White of the eyes up and make you look more fresh and awake.

Then it’s onto foundation. I am currently using Bourjois air mat. This is a full coverage foundation in shade 03 light beige.

I am applying this with a Morphe foundation brush E6.

Then I use a Collection concealer under my eyes, on sides and on tip of my nose as I get redness in these areas.

I apply a small amount of Mac pressed powder focusing on areas I get shine – forehead, nose and chin.

Then I warm my skin with this Bourjois bronzer and a kabuki brush.

I do a slight contour on my cheeks and down my nose. Then highlight cheek bones, eyebrow bone and also down the centre of my nose and the tip of my nose. I love this highlighter from Gerrard cosmetics. I use my Morphe M501 brush.

Onto eyes. I always curl my lashes then I apply Loreal Beauty Tubes mascara. This is a brilliant mascara.

Finally I give myself some eyebrows ( I have blonde sparse brown so they are fairly invisible). I love Wunderbrow in the shade dark brow. Again, this is one of my favourite product. I have done a review blog on this if  you want any more info on it.

Nearly forgot, last but not least, lips. Today I used Mac creme sheen in the colour speed dial.

Once I have my make up on I feel so much more confident.image

We ended up at a BBQ today and it was boiling hot. My makeup did not budge though 😀

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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