Handbag Favourites

It was so hard trying to pick a few of my favourite bags. But decided to choose the ones I use the most and here they are in all their splendour ……..

My first favourite I purchased last year and it’s this Ted Baker –
Isn’t this just the prettiest bag ever??!!
This is my summer bag. It’s so bright and summery. I get so many people asking me where I got this. 

The white made me nervous particually the handles because I did not want them to get grubby or marked but so far so good, they have stayed white. The inside of the bag is very spacious and is bright yellow. The hardware is all gold.

Next favourite is this DKNY shopper –

I use this bag so much. Probably because it goes with everything but also, its the perfect size for me. It’s a shopper style but it’s not massive it’s just the right size for all my bag “stuff”.  It came with this pretty scarf tied on it but this can of course be removed.
The best thing about this bag was the price I paid. I got it last year from duty free at Manchester airport and it was in the sale reduced from £189 to £35!!!! My best bargain ever 😀

My next favourite is another Ted Baker –

As you have probably gathered now, I love Ted Baker bags. 
This is another shopper style bag but it’s bigger than the DKNY one. This floral print is beautiful and the hardware on this is rose gold. This is ideal for shopping as I can fit loads in it so I also use this loads.

Finally, this is probably my smallest bag but good things come in small packages –

This Fendi is a classic. I use this mostly for nights out. I can just about fit a bit of money, my phone and a lipstick in and it’s full.
It’s a glossy textured leather with gold hardware. I have had this for about 10 years and it’s still in fantastic condition and I don’t think it will ever date.

It was also the first handbag my husband brought me so holds great memories. He has never understood my obsession with handbags but is very supportive thank god!!

Thanks for reading 🎒👝👛👜

Handbag Girl xxxx

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