Primark Haul

I decided I need some wardrobe basics ready for summer so headed to Primark.

I normally avoid Primark on a Saturday like the plague as it gets so busy but I went early and thought it would be OK. I was wrong. It was hell on earth. It was really hot and really busy I could barely get to see anything. Somehow though, I managed to still buy quite a bit of stuff…..


I wanted some basic flip flops for walking dog and wearing around the garden so got these for just 90p!!!

While in the shoe section  I also picked up these

I also got a few clothes. I seem to be obsessed with blue at the moment so quite a few bits are blue ! 

I think I will keep everything apart from these blue a brown cropped trousers. Because they are cropped I think I look a bit dumpy 😂

I also picked up a new tanning mitt and these exfoliating gloves for the shower as I have heard good things about them

So the stress was worth it. I got some nice things and all of it only cost £80.00

Thanks for reading

Hangbag Girl xxxx

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