My New Kitchen

I say new kitchen, its been in a while now but I wanted to share some of my favourite bits. I had a teeny tiny kitchen and really wanted a kitchen / diner but did not want to move house. So I extended on the back of the house. I am so glad I did. I love all the space I have now and I enjoy cooking and now too.

First of all, it was always my dream to have an Island in my kitchen so no matter what, I was squeezing one in.

Max and Lexi insisted on being in the pictures.

I am really glad I had the island. I use it so much. I use it to prepare food eveyday but also when friends and family come round we tend to all sit around this space so it’s really practical.

I have two glass fronted cupboards and I knew exactly what I wanted to put in these. When I was little my Nan had a cupboard with all pretty china in that I was never allowed to touch. She never used it, she had just had it for years and i guess she didn’t want to ruin it so it just stayed hidden away. My nan died a few years ago and after her death my Granddad decided he had to de-clutter a bit and so he gave me the china. These vintage pieces are so delicate and elegant. I don’t use them either, but at least now they are on display and whenever I look at them, they always remind me of my Nan.

imageMy food mixer – this is fabulous. I adore baking and making deserts so I use this quite a lot but i just love the style of it and it fits in well with the kitchen design and colour scheme.

In my old kitchen I had a small single oven that was old and so low to the floor you practically had to get on your hands and knees to get stuff in and out so I knew I wanted a bigger, double oven that was higher up and built-in. This design really works. I went for a modern mirrored front oven and microwave.

I love these artificial peonies. The didn’t cost very much I got them from eBay. But peony is my favourite flower so I knew I needed these. The jug they are in is from Next.


Finally, this was an old pantry area but since I have lived in the house it’s just been a useless open space. I wasnt really sure what to do with it until I saw these rustic looking baskets in Homebase one day and had the idea to fit some shelves to put these on.

I am really pleased with how it looks and I put things like packet foods, crisps etc in the baskets so they are really useful.

The wine rack is from Homebase and the home light is from Primark.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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