Make-up & Magazines 

So this week I made a few beauty purchases from ASOS. They have a really great beauty department now which seems to grow everyday.

I also got a few magazines this week which came with free make-up which is always a bonus especially when it’s things you want to try or things you need.

From ASOS I brought a NYX highlight and contour pro palette and the Barry M hide and chic bronzer, blusher and highlighter palette.image

I have tried both now so can give you my opinion.

I don’t think I have ever used any NYX products before but had heard good things. I have to say, this palette does not disappoint.

The contour shades I have tried are great. I don’t do full contouring unless I am going out, but each day I carve in my cheek bones and I really like the effect these shades give. I like to start light then darken as necessary so it looks as natural as possible. They blend out really well too.

The highlight is nice but I think I prefer my Gerrard Cosmetics highlight as it’s more of a golden tone. The one in this palette is quite white. But it makes a brilliant, inner eye highlight.

These are great powders to apply and they last all day.

Now I have popped my NYX cherry, I will definitely be trying more products.

The Barry M palette contains 1 highlighter, 2 blushers and 2 highlighters. The bronzer is a great shade and is matt, there is no glitter in it which is the sort of bronzer I prefer.

The blushers are nice shades. One is pink and the other is a peachy shade. Both are really pretty and great for summer.

The highlighters are ok but again, I still prefer my Gerrard Cosmetics one.

This week I brought Glamour Magazine and Instyle.image.

Glamour came with a free Model co lip illusion lip liner. This lip liner retails for £16. The magazine was only £2.

This is also the first model co product I have tried. This is a nude shade and I really like it. It’s a nice creamy texture so does not rip your lips when you apply like some lip liners I have tried.

I also brought Instyle magazine which came with a free Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner. This eye liner retails for £12.00image

This is also my first try of an Eyeko product and again, I love it! It’s a felt tip style applicator which I find the easiest to use.

It’s a really dark, intense black shade and it glides onto the skin with no dragging so it really nice to use.

To get these products free with a magazine is great. I love Instyle and Glamour magazines and buy them anyway but even if you don’t read the mag it’s worth buying them for these free products.

Overall I am really happy with all of these products and it’s nice to try some new brands.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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