Ted Baker Suitcase

I have had my eye on this suitcase for a while now but it was £200 and for a small hand luggage case I could not justify the expense despite it being the most beautiful case I had ever seen.

Then I received an email from Ted Baker telling me the had a sale on. Immediately I knew I had to see if my dream case was reduced.

I was scrolling through the pages and was starting to think it was not going to be there then….. There it was. It was reduced to £104 so I quickly got it in my trolley and checked out before I got that dreaded message ” this item is no longer available “. I even got free delivery. I felt so smug.

Here it is …..

It’s even more stunning in the flesh.

The hardware is all rose gold. The handles are white leather. The lining is a stunning bird print. It even comes with a dust cover.

I love, love, love this case and cannot wait to use it.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx


3 thoughts on “Ted Baker Suitcase

    1. It is a lot of money I agree but it’s so beautiful! Since I got that though I have seen a few really pretty cases which are similar from TK Maxx but lots cheaper X

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