Hello Fresh

I decided to give Hello Fresh a go after a few recommendations from friends.

Hello Fresh is a convenient food delivery service which really appealed because I was stuck in a rut food wise and seemed to be cooking the same boring meals every week so I thought this would be a good way of having something different but something that was still healthy.

I went online and ordered a box of 3 meals for 2 people.

Initially I was disappointed that I was not able to specify things I disliked as my husband is a really fussy eater. I have since learned, after your first delivery you can be more specific and even select which meal you want.

I was also worried that the delivery is via Courier and it can come at any time of the day.  Both my husband and I work all day and it’s summer so if the courier leaves the box of food which may contain fish and meat, outside my house, potentially all day, the food would turn bad.

The day it was due for deliver it was really hot so I had already written it off to be honest.

When I got home that evening the courier had left the box behind my wheelie bin.image

when I opened the box I was really shocked to see how well everything was packaged. The meat and fish was packaged in ice packs and insulation so was still chilled.image

Here is the contents of my box

The 3 recipes and ingredients I had were –

Lemon risotto with cod

Jamie Oliver chicken stir fry 

Pork Belly and chick pea stew


On night one I cooked the risotto. I was really impressed with all the ingredients. Literally everything I needed apart from oil, salt and pepper, was included. And the ingredients were all very good quality.

The recipes were really easy to follow. I am not a very good cook so I was really impressed with how good this turned out image

It tasted amazing! My husband wouldn’t eat it though. He does not like cod, lemon or risotto so this was just not good for him.

The next night I cooked the Jamie Oliver chicken noodle stir fry . Again, this was really easy to cook and tasted delicious. Both of us enjoyed this.imageThe last meal was not for me. I hate pork and hate chickpeas. My husband ate it and said he enjoyed it but forgot to take a picture!

I decided that I wanted to continue getting a box each week but just for me as my husband was too picky (he would live on curry every night) But unfortunately Hello Fresh don’t currently do a box for one person so I had to cancel my subscription as continuing would not be cost-effective.

Overall though, I was really impressed by the packaging, food quality, quantity and recipes. If they ever do a box for one person I would definitely subscribe again.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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