Drug store haul

I was running low on some make up so logged on to Boots website and made some purchases.

When I was checking out i noticed a free beauty box had also been added to my basket. I had no idea what was in the box so when it arrived a was really impressed. All of this was free.
I have not had chance to try any of these products yet but I am really looking forward to giving them a go. 

I stocked up on my favourite mascara – Loreal Beauty Tubes. Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on Loreal so I also picked up some Bronzer, 2 lipsticks and some infallible face powder. 

The bronzer is really good. It’s a great colour and I love that it’s large enough to get my bronzer brush in.

The infallible powder provides a great coverage but I don’t think the shade is right for me. It’s a bit pale. It maybe better in the winter when I am a bit whiter. Not sure about lasting 24 hours but it does last 13 hours without needed to be touched up.

The 2 lipsticks I got are also too pale. I guess trying to chose colours online is a mistake. I love the consistency of both lipsticks though.

A more successful colour choice was these Seventeen nail polishes. I have not tried them yet but I know they will look lovely and summery on my toes.

Finally I picked up a couple of v05 hair products. I wanted to get something to give my hair more texture so I am hoping these will do that. You apply the sea salt spray on wet hair before drying and then the give me texture to dry hair.

 Can’t wait to try these and all the other products 😀

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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