eBay make-up brushes review

I use make-up brushes everyday but I am still loathed to spend a fortune on them.

I read another blog about brushes purchased from eBay which were really cheap and the blogger was really impressed so I got on eBay and purchased a few.

imageThey were all from different sellers but all were from China so I had to wait a few weeks for delivery.

The most expensive brush was about £3 I think which included delivery.

I wanted to try this new style of brush so brought a large foundation brush and then a small one.

First of all, I am really impressed with the quality of these brushes. The handles are comfortable and the brush bristles are really soft. They also look really nice with the copper colour.

I have used both brushes several times now and I use the large brush to apply foundation. It’s extremely dense so apples foundation really well and gives a great finish to my skin. It’s so soft I love the feel of it against my skin too.

I have been using the smaller one to highlight my nose and it’s perfect for this.

This brush is like a copy of the Marc Jacobs bronzer brush which I am sure is very nice but that retails for over £50 and this was £3!

I have been using this brush for blusher but it would be great for powder or bronzer. It’s a large brush which is really comfatable to use and again, it’s really soft. I have tried cheap brushes in the past which have been so corse and rough. This is not like that at all.

Finally I got this contour brush which I have been using to contour my cheek bones and its perfect for this.

Again, it’s really easy to use and has really soft bristles.

I think all of these brushes are excellent value for money and do a great job. Having never tried expensive brushes I can’t really compare them but I would be amazed if they did a better job than these.

Buy a few and see for yourself 😀

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxxx

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