DIY Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Good morning !

I thought today I would show you how I tint my eyebrows and lashes. It’s something I have done myself for a number of years and find it really quick and easy and a lot more cost effective than having it done at a beauty salon.

I have very fair hair so without tinting I look awful.

Here is everything you need –image

I have tried a number of tints but find this to be the best. This is from Julienne. You will need the tint, which comes in a number of shades and a bottle of developer/activator. I buy these from eBay. The tint is £3.99 and developer is £2.49 they last ages. I usually tint once a month.

You will also need a mixing dish – this was also from eBay and costs £1.99 and an applicator. I use an angled brow brush for my eyebrows and the tint comes with a spooley which I use for my lashes.

This is what I look like before I tint.image

I have a dark brown and a black tint. Today I am going to use black.

Start by putting about a centemetre of tint in the mixing dish. Then add a small amount of the developer until you have a creamy consistency. You don’t want the mixture to be too thin. If this happens, just mix in a bit more tint.

Then, using the angled brush, start applying it. I always do my browns first. Follow your natural shape and ensure all hairs are well coated. Using a cotton bud, tidy up the shape. If you don’t do this you will end up with stained skin. Also make sure both brow shapes match.

Whilst this is developing I do my lashes. I use the spooley for this and just apply like you would apply mascara. Again, if you get any on the skin, wipe off straight away.

imageLeave to develop for a maximum of 5 minutes then wash off.

You will then have lovely brows and lashes 😀

This is my end result.

imageThis will last around 3-4 weeks. It’s ideal for holidays when you maybe don’t want to be applying makeup everyday.

I would love to know your thoughts on this so please comment below.

Thanks for reading,

Handbag Girl xxx

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