Cocktails & Gourmet Burgers


Last Saturday night we went out in Shrewsbury. For anyone who has never been, it’s a lovely town in Shropshire. It’s really pretty and the river Severn runs through it.

It’s a great place for a night out. There are lots of nice bars and restaurants up pretty cobbled streets.

We started off going to a few cocktail bars. Initially I was drinking my favourite tipple, prosecco. Then I moved on to cocktails!

Cosmopolitan is my preferred cocktail so  I had quite a few of these. In fact I can’t remember how many. Oops 😳

Then, we were ready for food. We went to Lyons Den Gourmet Burger restaurant. It’s a really nice place.

I had mozzarella sticks to start which were delicious, everyone else had chicken goujons. Then I chose the chicken burger which was gorgeous. The fries looked a bit anaemic but were the nicest fries I have ever eaten.

My other half had the “baconator” which was a beef burger with bacon and he wolfed it down. Friends we were with had cheese burgers and again, they really enjoyed them so this is a place we will definitely be returning to.image

We were too full for deserts so moved on in search of more cocktails. We found on old church which had been converted into a bar. I then drank 2 porn star martinis which were passion fruit and vodka based drinks. Omg they were delish.

Then, when we were all a bit worse for where, after almost killing myself slipping down the spiral staircase, we got the train home.

imageGreat night, can’t wait to do it again.

Thanks for reading,

Handbag Girl x

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