Eyelash Extensions – Hit or Miss?

When I go out I love wearing false lashes and to be honest,  I don’t normally find it too much hassle applying them but I knew August would be a busy month for me with lots of nights out and occasions to get glammed up so I thought I would try lash extensions.

My local beauticians had an offer on so I got a full set for £20 which seemed a great price. When I arrived she explained that if I looked after them, they would last at least 2 weeks and maybe up to 4 weeks.

The application took around 40 minutes and was not uncomfortable it was actually quite relaxing. I did get a bit nervous when she said it was not uncommon for eyes to end up glued shut 😱 but she assured me it would not be a problem to sort this out if it happened.

The individual lashes are glued in place,  filling gaps between your natural lashes.

Once complete, I was pleased with the result. Long, dark, full lashes.

Here is my before and after picture.

image        That night I was going out so applied my makeup as usual and found the lashes on one eye seemed to have moved and were turned outwards rather than upwards. I put on a bit of mascara but it didnt help so I used my eyelash curlers but still they would not curl up. I was still quite pleased with the look though.

When I was out I noticed a few lashes  had come off. My eyes also started to feel irritated and scratchy.

I washed my face later that night using my Liz Earl cleanser and cloths and was conscious not to rub the lashes in any way. Despite my best efforts loads fell off. Now I was left with very patchy lashes. I was gutted. Luckily I did not loose many of my own natural lashes. I would have been devastated if that happened.

By the end of day 2, all the false lashes had gone and my eyes were really sore.

So my opinion – total waste of money!

I realise I may have just been unlucky but I won’t be trying them again.

I would love to hear about your lash extension experience or any other beauty disaster you may have had.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl  xxx


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