My Luxury Wish List

I have been lusting after some expensive items for a while now so have decided to properly save so I can get them. I seem to waste so much money on crap that I don’t need and don’t wear or use, so I am going to focus on these luxury items and save as much as I can to get them.

I have even printed pictures of the items and it them in my planner so I can stay focused on getting them.

The first is a MacBook. I currently work from an old laptop, my iPad or iphone. I love my iPhone and iPad but the laptop I have is at the end of its life and what you can do on an iPad or iPhone is limited.

I have my eye on the rose gold MacBook 💗💗💗 it truly is a thing of beauty 😍.

This is the first thing I am saving for.

The next is a new bag (obviously).

I love both the Saint Laurent Blogger bag and the Gucci Disco.

I doubt I will get both but will need to see both in the flesh to decide which one i prefer.

They are both simply designs and I love cross body bags at the moment. I will probably chose black because when you are splurging this amount of money on a bag I want to wear it as much as I can and as black goes with everything I know I will use it to death.

Here is the Saint Laurent Blogger

This is the Gucci Disco 

The next two items on my wish list are from Chanel. Chanel is my favourite designer and have yet to purchase a piece from this iconic brand.

I love these sling back shoes which I know are really popular right now and really difficult to get hold of but I hope that by the time I want to buy them they will be more freely available.

I know people have very different opinions on these shoes. I love them. They are so elegant, classic and a real statement piece. They are a bit ‘granny’ but I don’t care.Edit

My final item is the Chanel quilted card holder. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the quilted classic flap handbag or the boy bag, but I am a long way off getting something that expensive. In the meantime I want to purchase a small leather goods item. I think this will satisfy my need to purchase a Chanel bag for a while and I think I will get lots of use out of. Its just beautiful.

So that’s my wish list. I best start saving! 
I would love to hear from anyone who has any of these items and your thoughts on them so please get in touch.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl xxxx

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