6 Month Blog Anniversary & My Anniversary Gift To Me

So last week I realised that I had missed my 6 month blog anniversary.


6 months has gone so quick and I can honestly say I have loved every minute.

I started blogging as a hobby as writing, photography and generally being creative is something I have always enjoyed so blogging seemed a great idea.

I started with no idea what I was doing (I probably still don’t to be honest) but i do feel more confident now and feel like i want to move my blog on to the next level.

So after 6 months of trying to blog on an iPad (it’s really not easy), I decided as a little gift to myself I would purchase a MacBook.

If you read a previous blog I did a few months ago, you will have seen that the MacBook was on My Luxury Wish List So i took the plunge and brought one.scout-macbook2

I got the Rose Gold one and I absolutely love it. it’s so light and thin and although i am still learning what it can do, it’s really easy to use. writing this blog is much more enjoyable than trying to do it on the iPad.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to follow my blog and read my blog posts, I really do appreciate your support. That’s one of the main things i love about blogging, the community and the support everyone has for each other. I have never experienced anything negative, it’s all been very positive.


Whats next for my blog? I want to start blogging more frequently and I want to buy a good camera to improve the quality of my photographs. I am also looking forward to a trip to Mexico next month so I am really looking forward to taking some great pictures and putting together a great blog about that.

In my personal life, I am also looking to make a career change which is making me extremely nervous and excited at the same time.

Thanks again for reading

Handbag Girl


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