Holiday Blues

Last week I returned from a fantastic 11 night holiday in Mexico.

Now I have serious holiday blues. I think the only way to get over it is to immediately book another holiday.

We stayed in Cancun at the Hideaway by Royalton.


We went with our friends who we also went away with last year.

The hotel was amazing. Great staff, brilliant facilities, only a short drive from the airport, great restaurants and the rooms are beautiful.

We upgraded to Diamond club which was well worth the cost. We had an amazing butler called Sandra and she did everything in her power to make our stay as fabulous as possible.  She made all of our restaurant reservations, delivered anything we wanted to our rooms, filled the hot tub for us. She was truly amazing.

We had a luxury ocean view honeymoon suite which has a roof top terrace with hot tub. This room was by far the best room I have ever stayed in.


The food at this place is great. Restaurants include, Japanese, Steakhouse, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Fish, Mediterranean. They are all a la carte and you are not limited on how many times you can use them. There is also a huge buffet restaurant but we only used that once for breakfast but it really is the biggest buffet I have ever seen in my life.

img_0788We spent most days relaxing by the pool. One day we spent time on the beach but we tend to prefer the pool areas when we are on holiday.

The pools here are great. Fantastic pools are available for kids. We used the quieter diamond club pool.


The beach is not the best in the world but as we don’t tend to spend much time on the beach it did not really concern us.

At around 1oam the pool bar would open so I would usually have a pina colada or strawberry daiquiri both were delicious.

You are spoilt for choice here when it comes to drinks. There are plenty of bars all serving  branded drinks. I loved the wine and cocktails and enjoyed sampling them all.

At around 11am each day you we would get a plate of nachos which I loved. We called it nacho time. really missing nacho time since i have been home.


We spent one afternoon in the spa and I have to say, the spa here is the best I have ever been to. Its beautiful. I had a lovely massage and facial. Before the treatments we had an hour in the hydrotherapy pools too. It’s an expensive treat to use the spa but its well worth the  money.

I would definitely return to this hotel because we were so looked after by the staff and it’s really difficult to find anything to fault.

Now to plan the next holiday!

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl x



6 thoughts on “Holiday Blues

  1. omgosh no way! I just got back from Breathless Resort Riviera Cancun two days ago. looks like you had a wonderful time!! I am so sad to be home back to the cold wahhhh


      1. We did! It was super awesome…luxury…brand new..awesome service and food…parties were out of control. It was an all around good time hahah I went with my boss and some coworkers and let’s just say we will always be closer than anyone at work because of that trip lol

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