Duty Free Haul

One my favourite things about flying is airport shopping.

The airport is full of all the things I love to purchase. Makeup, fragrance, jewellery and accessories.

So, I leave my husband browsing the whisky aisles and I dash off like I am a contestant on supermarket sweep.

This time, we were flying out of Birmingham Airport. Its been a few years since I flew from Birmingham and last time the duty-free shopping was a bit limited but this time i was really impressed.


The first thing I spotted was a Jo Malone shop. I have always wanted to try Jo Malone products so this was my chance to make my first purchase.

I decided on a candle and went for the Peony and Blush Suede fragrance and since I returned from holiday I have burned a lot of it already and the smell is divine. The packaging it also exquisite. Its boxed and bagged in the most beautiful way. This would be such a lovely christmas present for someone.


It’s safe to say, I will definitely be making more Jo Malone purchases in the future.

I then headed over to the make up section. I wanted some more YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks.

I chose these shades –


I absolutely love these lipsticks. I don’t suit bright, highly pigmented lipsticks so these are perfect for me. TheY feel amazing on your lips and I am a sucker for good packaging. This really is the best looking lipstick available (in my opinion).

Whilst in YSL I also picked up this eyeshadow palette. I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday but when I do I like a smoky eye so this palette is perfect.

I then moved into Dior. I have never tried Dior makeup before. I picked up and concealer and blusher.

This blusher looks terrifying as its so bright, but the sales assistant applied some to my cheeks and I fell in love with it. It much more subtle than how it looks in the palette.

I also picked up 3 fragrances.

Chanel – No5 L’Eau


Gucci -Bamboo


Elie Saab – Rose Couture


All of threse fragrances are beautiful but if i had to pick a favourite, it woud be Gucci Bamboo. This one seems to last all day. I hate spending a load of money on perfume you cant smell 5 minutes after you have applied it.

I do plan to do a blog reviewing some of these products so look out for that if you are interested in any more information on any of them.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl 

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