Lady Dior Card Holder (OMG!)

As you can tell from the title I am very excited about this purchase.

I have been wanting a designer card holder for about a year now and kept flitting between the Chanel and Dior ones.

I decided on Dior in the end as Chanel make buying their products too difficult. I don’t live anywhere near London which is their nearest boutique so went with Dior as you can order their products online.

I chose the Lady Dior gusseted card holder in black patent calfskin. It was £220.00 with free delivery from Dior online.

I chose this one after reading many blogs and watching lot of vlogs reviewing the different styles. This one has lots of space and is durable, hard-wearing and very, very beautiful.

It arrived within  a few days from Paris. Can we just all take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging……..


I love the experience of opening packages like this. My husband thinks I am mad as a slowly take my time enjoying every moment of opening each layer.

As you can see this is extremely elegant and comes with its own dust bag. The Dior charm can be removed and that also has its own tiny dust bag.


29377280_unknownThere is space for 5 cards although you can double up in each compartment so 10 cards fit comfortably. I have also put cash in this and it stays in securely because if the popper fastening.29377360_unknown

It has the signature Dior stitching with the Dior charm which is lovely and can be removed but I will be keeping it attached.


I have used this several times now and it fits nicely into my small handbags. It’s really easy to use and I absolutely love it.

Thanks for reading

Handbag Girl

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