Silisponge or Sillysponge?

I loved the idea of this new silicone make up applicator that’s getting very mixed reviews. It uses less product, it’s very easy to clean and so is more hygienic and its much cheaper when you compare it to a Beauty Blender.

So I decided to purchase one. That proved to be harder than expected as everywhere seemed to be sold out. I eventually found some in stock on Amazon. The sponge cost £10 including delivery.

I couldn’t wait to try it. I applied my foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) directly to the sponge and applied to my face using sweeping motions. It immediately became apparent you need far less product when using this applicator so I removed some excess foundation from my skin.


Trying to get the foundation to blend in was taking ages. I tried sweeping it across my face but that was leaving smear marks and lines on my face so I tried dapping and patting motions but that wasn’t working either ggrrrr. After about 10  minutes of rubbing and patting my arm started to ache so i gave up and reached for my usual Morphe foundation brush and sorted my face out which was looking horrendous within about 5 seconds.

I washed the sponge and yes, it is easy to clean, and chucked it in a draw in disgust.


A week or so later I thought I would try it again. I wish I hadn’t bothered it. The same thing happened again.

I am not sure if it’s the foundation I was using that was the problem but it was just sitting on top of my skin and the silisponge was just moving it around my face it would just not blend in at all. It doesnt even feel particually nice on your skin particually around the eye area.


So that’s it for my Silisponge experience. It is a silly sponge that I won’t be using again I am afraid. I know it has many fans but I, sadly, am not one of them.

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14 thoughts on “Silisponge or Sillysponge?

  1. I wish I could agree more to your review! I had my share experience with the silisponge and it wasn’t nice. it really doesn’t blend. its like rubbing a cold slime over and over again on our face. I prefer the normal tear drop sponges and brushes anyday! I don’t really get why they even come up with these “new and innovative” ways of applying makeup up! why?!?!?!

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