Today is exactly one year since I started my blog. What a year its been.

I now have over 200 (210 to be precise) follows which is amazing and I am absolutely loving, creating new blog posts every week.

I think over the last year I have found what works best for me. Working full-time restricts how often I can blog but I think it quality is more important than quantity.


Since I started last April, I have changed the name of my blog and also shifted more toward higher end, luxury, fashion and beauty. I think when I started I didn’t really know what to blog about so started blogging about everything and so there was no real consistency.

I would love to hear from you if you think I am missing anything with my blog or if you would like to see me blog about anything else. I aways welcome your comments and suggestions.

This weekend I am also celebrating my Birthday and my wedding anniversary so it’s a triple celebration.


Tonight we are off out with friends to my favourite Thai restaurant for some delicious food and some nice wine. Yum.

Thank you all for your continued support I really doย appreciate it. Heres to the next 12 months ๐Ÿ™‚

Louise Austin Richards


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