24k Gold Face Mask


I love a nice face mask but this is the first time I have tried a sheet face mask. It’s also the first time I have used a beauty product that contains gold !

I found these in TK Maxx. They were only £5 for 3 masks which seemed a bargain.


They are from Beauty Concepts and they contain Hyaluronic Acid,Witch Hazel and gold and are infused with vitamin C.

Not really sure what the gold is supposed to do but it sounded intriguing to me. The masks claim to help remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to leave skin feeling rejuvunated and deeply moisturised.

So before applying the mask I removed my makeup and cleansed my skin as her the instructions. The place the mask over my face and relax for 20 minutes.

If you are of a nervous disposition – turn away now !!!


My dogs legged it then they saw me in this and I completely understand why.

I found the mask very cooling which I assume is the witch hazel. The mask itself was soaked in product so was very hydrating too.

So after looking like an extra from a horror film for 20 minutes, I removed the mask.

I rinsed my face with some water and it genuinely felt better. It felt very smooth and refreshed. I couldn’t see any difference in my fine lines or wrinkles but honestly  didn’t expect to.


I have used all 3 masks now and I really like them. Although they haven’t changed the appearance of my skin, they are really relaxing and my skin does feel lovely afterwards so I am definitely going to purchase some more.

Have you tried any products with gold in before?


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