Collagen Gloves & Boots

I have very dry hands and feet. I have tried all sorts of things to help soften and smooth them but I am still searching for that miracle product.

My hands particularly are starting to age and I think dry skin always looks older as its so dehydrated it looks wrinkly.

So when I heard about goves and booties that were infused with collagen which is anti ageing, I had to give them a try.


This morning I set aside some time to have a bit of a pamper and to try them out.

The products are very similar to the face mask sheets you can get but these are in glove and boot shapes.

The gloves and boots are saturated with plenty of a, serum like product. As soon as I put the booties on my feet they felt very cool. This will probably be down to the peppermint thats one of the ingrediants in the serum.

Both the boots and gloves need to be worn for 20 minutes so I popped them on and relaxed. You can remove the toe and finger tips if you want so you can paint your nails whilst the serum does its thing.


The gloves and boots have a plastic outer layer so the product can’t leak onto clothing, floors etc.


Once on your feet and hands they feel very comfortable and relaxing.

After 20 minutes I removed them and rubbed the excess product into my hands and feet and then I applied some moisturiser. My hands and feet felt much more hydrated than before and they also felt very refreshed. My hands did look smoother and more moisturised too, which was great and unexpected.



These products are not the miracle I have been looking for to solve my dry hand and feet problems, but I would definitely use them again.

These can be purchased from Beauty Belle.

Thanks for reading


Please note – these items were gifted to me in exchange for my honest review.

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