My Current Favourite Lip Products

At the moment I am loving a nude lip. I have never been someone who wears bright lipstick, I just don’t think it looks right on my thin lips. I would love to be able to wear a nice bright red lip but it just doesnt suit me.

So, I usually wear pretty shear lipsticks because they look more natural and not too bright.

I recently brought L’oreals Colour Riche Matt lipstick in shade 103 Blush in a Rush. I have worn this every day since I brought it because I absolutely love it. I was concerned that being a matt lipstick it would be quite drying but this one is not drying at all. It’s very creamy and stays that way.


The colour is a lovely blush nude shade. It’s perfect for me. The lipstick smells gorgeous too. Not something I have ever noticed before with L’oreal lipsticks.


I have always struggled with lip liners. Having thin lips I always feel I would benefit from using them but I have tried a few over the years and just couldn’t get on with them. The pencil ones would just drag my skin and made it uncomfortable to apply, and the crayon type ones would always snap off when I tried to use them so I gave up.

Then, a few weeks ago I was rummaging through the beauty section of TK Maxx (something I love to do because you can get some real bargains), and I found an Illamasqua Slick Sick lip crayon. This was reduced from £18.50 to £5.99. I opened up the box expecting it to be some vile colour but it was a lovely pinky nude shade. (The name of the shade is True). So I had to get it.


This lip liner is completely different to ones I have tried in the past and in my opinion is worth the full £18.50 price tag.

It’s a really creamy texture, very similar to the L’oreal lipstick, so it is nice to apply, gliding over my skin. No dragging at all.


This lip liner is also water-resistant so once its on it does not budge. I apply this over the my lips covering them and then  I apply the blush in a rush over the top. Honestly, this then lasts the whole day. Even when eating and drinking – it stays put. My lips don’t dry out at all either.


On this photo, the lip liner is on the top and lipstick is below. The camera seems to be annoyingly showing the lipstick look a bit orange which is crazy as it’s not orange at all.


I am definitely going to look at other shades available in the L’oreal Matte range and I will be buying more Illamasqua lip liners – even if I have to pay full price.

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18 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Lip Products

  1. Yes, I have several of those lipsticks and they are very caring of the lips, I mean they noursh them and make them soft. It is interesting how certain colors suit different people, I always wanted to wear nude for a day time since too bright lipsticks are too much sometimes, but they just don’t suit me. On the other hand, red looks perfect on my skin color, but it is not for every occasion. And you have the sam problem, just opposite. XD Good thing is that they make so many diffenert colors nowadays.:D ♡

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