I have always liked Louis Vuitton. I like their fashion, handbags and shoe collections. As a handbag and SLG addict, I always knew my very first Louis purchase would be one or the other.

I have been saving for the Pochette Metis bag for a while now but the urge to buy a bag was getting really strong and I didn’t have enough money to get Pochette Metis bag yet.

I was browsing the Louis Vuitton website (as I often do) and was looking in particular at SLG’s, wallets and purses. I spotted something and fell head over heels for it and knew I needed it in my life. It was a wallet.

I looked at the wallet I was using at that point, a pretty Ted Baker, but I had had it for a while and it was loking discoloured and so I knew that would be my justification for convincing myself and buying a Louis Vuitton Wallet (feeble, I know.) So within a few clicks it was ordered.

It only took a few days to arrive. Delivery is free too.

And here it is. A vision of Louis Vuitton loveliness –





This is the Josephine Wallet in Monogram canvas and Rose Ballerine leather.

I always knew my first LV purchase would be in the monogram canvas too. It’s so iconic. I know some will say its boring and had its day but I don’t agree I think it’s a classic, just like the Chanel quilting.

There are 3 colours available. I chose the Rose Ballerine. As you can see the inside has this coloured leather and the outer button fastening is coated in it too. The small bit of hardware on the wallet is gold.

IMG_3074 copy


The canvas is extremely hard-wearing so this wallet should last many, many years.


It has 4 credit card slots, a compartment which I use for membership and loyalty cards, a compartment for notes / bills, A large compartment which goes from the top to the bottom of the wallet which is ideal for ID and things that you maybe don’t need to access so easily and, my favourite part, a separate zipped coin purse which you can slot into one of the compartments or carry is separately. I love this separate purse its much easer to see what coins you have and to get them out when the whole thing is not attached.







have been using this wallet for a few weeks now and I cannot fault anything about it. Its stunningly beautiful and extremely functional.

Oh, I have also just realised that my Iphone 6s fits in one of the compartments too which is great for those days I maybe dont want to take a handbag out with me.

What was, or what will be, your first Louis Vuitton purchase?

Thanks for reading



  1. Congrats on your very first LV! I remember my very first LV purchase was a 4 key holder I bought four years ago, and it’s still looks almost brand new. Since then, I’ve gotten several more SLGs and bags. Once you start, it becomes an addiction!

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