New Liz Earle Products

Liz Earle is my favourite skincare brand. Regular readers of my blog will know this because I have written about their products before.

I absolutely love the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and I use it twice a day along with the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser.

I ran out of moisturiser, so this time I ordered the Superskin Moisturiser to try.


The Superskin moisturiser is in pretty packaging in a nice pot. I personally prefer a tube because I hate getting all moisturiser under my nails but the pot looks prettier on my dressing table.

This moisturiser feels slightly thinner than the Skin Repair but it’s still a lovely consistency. It contains cranberry and rosehip seed oils, omega 3 and antioxidants and like the Skin Repair, makes my skin feel really soft and hydrated. I got the one for sensitive skin so its unfragranced.


I like this moisturiser just as much as the Skin Repair. Both are honestly, the nicest moisturisers I have ever used. This one is nearly double the price of the Skin Repair so for that reason alone, I would probably go back to the Skin Repair after this as both are equally as good.

The other new product I got is the Superskin Concentrate for Night.


This is a blend of oils in a roller ball bottle. It claims to plump, smooth and rebalance the look of your skin.

This is a lovely oil with a beautiful spa like aromatic scent. You roll it over your face and neck at night and the scent is supposed to relax you, whilst the oil nourishes your skin. It contains Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Neroli Oil and a natural source of Vitamin E.

It’s a beautiful oil which makes my skin feel hydrated and supple. The smell is divine. The only negative about this product is the application. The roller doesnt work very well and the edges are a bit sharp so trying to roller it over your face feels quite uncomfortable because it drags and scratches and that is definitely not good for your skin!


I now roller the product into the palms of my hands and then pat it into my skin and that works really well.

I will definitely buy this product again. I think skincare is so important and at night it’s really worth using super nourishing products such as oils and moisturisers because your skin can take in so much more of the goodness whilst you are sleeping.

Have you tried these products or anything from the Liz Earle range?

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