Cadden & Lee Sheet Masks

Yesterday I was suffering with the hangover from hell following a Christmas party the night before and I had so much to do for Christmas still, I couldn’t just hibernate in doors, under my duvet, feeling sorry for myself like I really wanted to. So, I dragged myself out of bed and out of the door and braved the shops to get the last few Christmas presents I needed.

How I managed to do it, I don’t know but when I got home several hours later, I decided I had earned some pamper time. So, I got into my warm comfy PJs, made a nice cup of earl grey and popped on a Cadden & Lee sheet mask. I chose the refreshing and moisturising one with tea tree.


I love sheet masks because there is no faffing, just open the packet, unfold and place on your face and then relax.

The Cadden & Lee masks are 100% cotton, made using organic ingredients and are free of artificial colours, preservatives, fragrance and parabens which is perfect for my sensitive skin and I love the fact they are a British Brand.


My skin was feeling very dehydrated because I was hungover (despite me drinking gallons of water through the day), so I think it just drank in the goodness in this mask.

The scent is light, clean and fresh and its very cooling on your skin.


I relaxed with it on for 15 minutes and then just rubbed in any excess product that was still on my skin. No need to wash. My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards, and much more hydrated.

I really loved this mask and will definitely try more from this brand.

Have you tried these masks before?

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16 thoughts on “Cadden & Lee Sheet Masks

  1. I’ll have to be honest, I’ve never heard of a sheet mask, but that’s probably because I’m not good at all about pampering myself. Maybe this should be a new goal of mine for the new year, because the sheet masks sound lovely! Thanks for the information. 🙂

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