Cloud Cloth

Doesn’t the name of this product just relax you immediately?

I love the name – its perfect for this cloth.

Cloud Cloth is a double-sided, cotton cleansing cloth, which is washable so can be used again and again. One side is super soft – it feels like velvet. The other side is rougher – a bit like a muslin cloth, and its perfect for buffing and polishing the skin.


This cloth is great for double cleansing. I must admit, before I used this I would only cleanse once but now I double cleanse using my Liz Earle Cleanser.

I rub the cleanser all over my face, damp the Cloud Cloth with warm water and using the soft velvet side, I clean my face. The cloth is lovely and soft and can even be used on the delicate eye area and it removes all of my make-up. Then, I apply a second lot of cleaner, rinse the cloth, and using the rougher side, I buff my skin by gently rubbing in small circular motions. This takes off the top layer of dead skin, leaving new, soft fresh skin. I then tone and moisturise as usual.

IMG_1560I put the Cloud Cloth in the washing machine with my towels to wash and then its ready to be used again.

You get three cloths in a pack and you even get a free hairband too which is great because I keep that in the bathroom with my cloths so I can get my hair off my face before I wash.

Have you tried Cloud Cloth?

Thanks for reading


Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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