Avon – Must Try Products

My Nan was an Avon lady for many, many years and I used to love playing with all her make-up. She used to have a huge box which was filled with mini lipstick samples, foundation and tiny bottles of perfume samples. As a little girl it was like a treasure chest. I used to spend  hours plastering my face and my dolls faces in the makeup. Also, at Christmas, she used to get me a big box of Avon gifts. They had a range of products called little blossom which she used to put in the box along with bubble bath and other goodies.

Since my Nan stopped doing Avon, it disappeared off my radar for years. I have tried the odd thing but have never really been that impressed. I feel its become quite an old-fashioned brand – particularly when it comes to their make-up.

But, recently I have started ordered bits from them again and I have to admit, some of the things I have tried I have been really impressed with so I wanted to tell you about some of my favourites.

Nail Products

I love Avon nail polishes. They have a great colour selection and I think the quality is fantastic, especially for the price you pay for them. I find that they last for a week or so on my fingers and around two weeks on my toes. I have tried Chanel and Dior polishes and I can’t make them last that long.

Louise Austin Richards

The Gold strength base coat really helps protect your nail and I think this helps the polish stay put.

Louise Austin Richards

I use the miracle growth and strength serum on my finger nails and cuticles. Although I haven’t noticed my nails grow any quicker, they are definitely stronger for using this product.

The freeze dry spray is so good! I always apply my polish then end up scuffing it before its dry and end up having to start again. When I saw this spray, I was skeptical. How good could it be? You spray it on wet polish and within 30 seconds your nails are dry. It’s a revelation! It really works.

Louise Austin Richards

This nail polish holder is also one of my best buys. This little pot snuggly holds your nail polish bottle (whatever the size). This makes it much harder to knock the bottle over and spilling any (which I have done many times). This makes painting your nails so much easier.

Hand Cream

I have recently tried these hand creams and really like them. The restoring moisture one with coconut oil is probably my favourite because it smells so nice and it’s really helping my dry hands.

Louise Austin Richards

Brush Cleaner

I thought these silicone brush cleaners were a bit of a gimmick to be honest, but I am really impressed with this. It’s a really thick silicone so it’s really easy to rub my make-up brushes up and down it and they clean them really quickly.

Louise Austin Richards

Lift & Firm Eye Cream

This is an Avon cult product and when you try it you can see why. Anew Clinical Eye Cream is a pot magic consisting of lifting gel for eyelids and a firming eye cream for underneath your eyes. I use this every day and have seen a difference in under-eye creases and wrinkles. They are much less visible and smoother.

Louise Austin Richards

I have tried lots of eye creams over the years and this is the best I have found.

Louise Austin Richards

You can buy any of these products online here. This is my friends Avon shop and she will look after you if you have any questions or require any advice.

Do you use Avon? What are your favourites?

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10 thoughts on “Avon – Must Try Products

  1. I love Avon! My mom used to sell it to all of the ladies in her office. I would help her sort out all of the orders when it came in and “sneak” a few samples.
    Also, when I was little my grandmother did 99.99% of her Christmas shopping for me and my cousin through Avon. We always had to make sure we opened our similar shaped gifts at the same time. I’m pretty sure I have their barbies somewhere!

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