Max Factor Faves

I used to use Max Factor products years ago but I haven’t really been interested in any of their stuff in recent years. A month ago I was browsing the make-up aisles in Boots and found myself putting some products into my basket.


I think it helped that they were giving away free products when you spent over £14.

I love all the bits I got but two things in particular,  I am now obsessed with and have actually just re-purchased.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have never found a mascara that’s better than Loreal Beauty Tubes – Until now! Max Factor Masterpiece Max is my new favourite. When I opened it I was immediately disappointed because it had a sparse, acyclic applicator which I have never got on with in the past as they tend to just make my lashes look like spiders legs. But, when I tried this I was really impressed. It’s really easy to apply, it makes my lashes look fuller and thicker and definitely longer. It lasts all day with no crumbling or smudges. I remove it using Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover and it comes off easily.


I have quite sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses but this mascara did not affect my eyes at all. It’s very comfortable.

The other product I have fallen in love with is Max Factor Brow Shaper. I have very fair, sparse brows so a good brow product is essential for me. I had been using Wunderbrow but I was ready to try something new.


This is a very thin, crayon like product, and I fill my brows with this by drawing little hair like lines. Then, using the brush at the end of the pencil, I brush my brows up and out.

I since I have been using this I have had lots of compliments on my brows with a few people asking if they have been Microbladed.

This is only £7.99 so much cheaper than Wunderbrow and, in my opinion, gives a much more natural look.

What do you think? This is one brow with and one brow without the Brow Shaper applied.

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8 thoughts on “Max Factor Faves

  1. I do own some Max factor makeup and i must say, just as u mentioned only a few products that they have are great and inexpensive too… I wish I could get the mascara and brow shaper here in India .. loved the review 😍

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