Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

My foundation favourite for the last few years has been Estée Lauder Double Wear. It really suits my sensitive skin and I love how it lasts all day.

But, I wanted to try something new to see if there was a foundation which was even better. So, after doing some research, I chose Armani Power Fabric.


It’s a full coverage foundation – tick, SPF 25 – tick, long wearing – tick and it had great reviews – tick. It seemed perfect for me.

At £42 its an expensive foundation but it seemed worth the price tag. I also had to pay for shipping because nobody stocks this where I live.

I was really pleased when it arrived because the shade was perfect for me and you know chosing a foundation shade online is risky.

The packaging is beautiful. It’s a glass bottle with a pump to disperse the foundation which is something I really wish Estée Lauder would add to the double wear foundation.

The foundation is a thinner consistency than double wear but first impressions were good.


That’s where the good things end with this foundation though unfortunately.

First of all I found this really difficult to blend. It moves around your skin rather than sinking in. When applied with a brush, I couldn’t get rid of the brush strokes. When applied with a sponge it was patchy and still wouldn’t blend in.

After a few hours of wearing this it started to separate on my skin and became all patchy. Also, I don’t have oily skin but by the end of the day my face look so oily it was disgusting!!

I persevered with this trying different ways of making it work like, changing my primer, mixing the foundation with a CC serum, applying more, applying less. Nothing worked.

Then, after using it for three days my skin started to break out in spots.

This is probably the worst foundation I have ever used. I am sure it suits some people but  it really did not agree with my skin.

I am really disappointed because I had read such great reviews and it cost so much money. I am now back using double wear and my spots are slowly fading.

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10 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

  1. I understand you. I worked for Giorgio Armani and this foundation can be tricky. Best way to use it, is apply a hydrating primer and then apply it with a sponge. At the end use a fluffly brush and try to airbrush it. Though I have oily skin, I don’t find this foundation adapts to my skin. However, my favourite foundation ia from Armani: Maestro. I could not survive without it! It’s lighter coverage, but the finish is amazing! Have you tried it?

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      1. For my very oily skin, Maestro works way much better, it just won’t give same coverage as power fabric. Maestro it’s my everyday foundation and i’m still trying to find a substitute, something that won’t make my skin breakout. What’s your everyday foundation, double wear?

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  2. Yes, I agree, double wear is great! If you want to try something else another time, check out Chanel Vitalumiere. Unfortunately I ordered it online so I went a little wrong with my colour choice – but I mix and match! It’s got great coverage, yet its light, and it is easy to apply. And, no break outs!

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