Should We Buy Fake Designer Bags?

I have always loved handbags and as I got older, I naturally started to lust after designer bags. I would thumb through the glossy pages of Vogue, where there were so many beautiful bags, dreaming that maybe one day I could own one. Until that day, I would enjoy bags from Top Shop, River Island, Ted Baker etc.


About 15 years ago I went to New York and had heard that China Town sold fake designer handbags I knew I had to go. I hadn’t really had the opportunity to buy any fake stuff until I went to New York. Of course, I would have loved to have been going to the designer stores on 5th Avenue and buying the real things, but I was just not in a position financially to be able to do that.

So off I trotted to China Town and was like a pig in muck going from shop to shop looking at all the beautiful fakes. And, they were beautiful. Great quality but really, really cheap. I brought a Prada bag and a Gucci watch. I was so happy with them and I used the bag for ages until the strap broke and wore the watch until it turned my wrist green lol.

A few years later I went to Thailand and again, there were lots of shops in Bangkok selling this fake designer bags. It was there that I got my first fake Chanel quilted. I was in love with that bag but it didn’t last long. Within a few weeks the gold was all tarnished and the strap started to break.

I replaced it a few years ago with another fake one and picked up a Chanel Boy at the same time.


As I got older I knew I wanted the real thing. I wanted bags that were classic and were great quality that would last longer than a few months. My husband brought me a Fendi bag and it was then I realised that I no longer wanted the fakes I wanted the real thing.

So, I decided that the only way I could afford to buy one was to stop buying the fakes and the top shop bags and to save so that’s what I did. I also sold lots of my bag collection off and put all the money towards my designer fund.


I now have a few designer bags and purses and there is something so satisfying about buying one particularly when you know its brought with money that’s taken you ages to earn and save. I am not sure I will ever be in a position to buy a Chanel but you never know! My bag collection is now much smaller. Instead of having fifty cheap bags I have a handful of designer ones. I still live Ted Baker bags and have a few of those I use regularly.


All the time I was buying fake bags I never thought about the people who were making money from my purchases. I knew they were illegal but didn’t really see the problem with buying them. Recently I have seen documentaries about how my money could have gone to gun runners or drug cartels and the sweat shops where they are made are awful, but cheap shops such as Primark are supposed to have their products made in sweat shops too so should we stop shopping there?


I don’t really have sympathy for the designers losing profits as I am sure they make plenty of profit. I have to say that buying the fakes, helped me decide which designer brands I liked, what colours and what style of bags I liked, and they are what made me really want to try to upgrade to the real thing so maybe they could eventually benefit the designer brand??


What I don’t agree with is people who try to pass off fakes as the real thing. Too much of that goes on and lots of people are getting conned. I have only ever brought my real bags from the designer directly. If I was going to buy second-hand I would always use someone like Vestiaire Collective because they verify the authenticity of the product before shipping it out to you.


So I suppose I am on the fence a little about if we should buy fake designer bags. I won’t buy them anymore but I do still use my fake Chanel’s. I know people have strong opinions on this subject so and I am keen continue researching to find out more and to hear people’s experiences and thoughts.

What are your thoughts on fake designer bags?

Thanks for reading


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13 thoughts on “Should We Buy Fake Designer Bags?

  1. I don’t agree with buying fake designer bags b/c the quality is nowhere near as good & you don’t know what the bag is made of or where the money is going (just like if you were buying fake makeup)

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    1. I agree Karalee the quality is usually poor – definitely not in the same league as the real thing. I don’t understand why anyone would buy fake makeup. Just think what it could do to your skin 😳 it’s like fake electrical products too. I regularly see fake ghds or more recently fake Dyson hairdryers! They could be really dangerous.

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      1. I know sometimes people try to buy real makeup, but it ends up being fake (don’t buy makeup from ebay) & if someone is selling their old makeup online, there’s no guarantee it’s real either. I don’t know anyone who would intentionally buy fake makeup unless they’re writing a post about it.
        That’s horrible & sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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  2. I’ve never been interested in designer things…That was until a few years ago I saw a Chanel handbag that I just fell in love with and still love to this day. I’ve seen fakes of it and have contemplated it, but to me, kinda like you said, I’d rather work hard and buy the real deal as I’m sure the sense of pride and accomplishment will be amazing! Plus I’ll be super proud of my new baby that I’ll take it everywhere and get use of it 😂

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    1. You can’t beat that feeling of buying the real thing it’s so good and that’s why I condensed my cheaper bag collection because once you have a designer bag you want to take it everywhere so your other bags become redundant 😂


  3. Found this such an interesting read! I’ve never really been bothered about anything designer, but this fascinated me cause I’ve neber thought about things this way before! 👀 xx
    Check out my blog, new to the blogging world and just trying to meet new likeminded people to chat with and support xx

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  4. The last time I purchased a fake bag from a street seller in Rome was donkeys years ago. I’m like you I lust after designer bags all the time! My hubby bought me an LV bag a while back which cost almost £1,000 so it was a very generous gift from him!! I think as women we will always want a luxury bag on our arm but also, I have a new look mini bag which I love too so there’s always a balance.
    Great post!

    Samantha x


  5. I recently stopped buying cheap earrings on aliexpress or even in Primark or any other shop where you can buy them cheap because I turned green or orange or any other color they arn’t supposed to be. Now I rather pay 20-30 euro’s for a pair of earrings I know will last a really long time and still look good (; I have the same opinion for (hand)bags because I have lots and the straps break off or the material is easily breaks down (:

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