Stila Liquid Eye Shadow

This is the first product I have ever tried from Stila. These liquid eye shadows are one of their most iconic products.

I have never tried a liquid eye shadow before so didn’t really know how to apply it to be honest.

Lets start with the packaging. This is a luxury product (its £23.00) and the packaging feels luxurious. The product is in a clear plastic bottle with a rose gold lid. The applicator is a soft doe foot.


I chose the shade carefree which is a lovely pink with a gold tint.

I thought the best way to wear this would be to layer on top of eyeshadow, just in the centre of my lid.

I love how easy this is to apply and it applies like a liquid then dries to a powder.


For me, this shade just was all wrong unfortunately. It’s too pale and I felt like a 90s teenager again with it on. Its too pink and too shimmery. On someone younger it probably would look lovely.

I toned it down a bit by applying a bit more of a darker eyeshadow in a kind of ombre effect as you can see here and I think I made it work but I won’t wear it again.


It’s a great eye shadow but I just feel that this shade was not right for me.

Have you tried this product or can you recommend anything from Stila?

Thanks for reading


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12 thoughts on “Stila Liquid Eye Shadow

  1. I love Stila products! I’ve never tried the Shimmer and Glow but I have one of the Glitter and Glow. Although it’s not an everyday products for me, I love the color and quality. I love the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara and their Convertible Blushes. So good!

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