Why You Should Be Dermarolling

The idea of dermarolling didn’t appeal to me at all. Why would I want to puncture my skin with loads of little needles? It sounded painful and I couldn’t understand how it would benefit my skin in any way.

After a little research though, I seemed to be more intrigued and then found myself placing an order on Amazon for a derma roller.

The derma rollers come with different size needles and you need to think about what you want to get out of derma rolling before you chose what needle size to use.

I wanted to work on reducing the visibility of some broken capillaries around my nose which are very red, and also try to reduce fine lines around my eyes. So I opted for a 0.50mm needle. Really, you should start with a 0.20mm and build up but I am impatient and wanted fast results.

I ordered my derma roller from Amazon but you can get them from lots of places now.

The purpose of a derma roller is to put micro channels into your skin to boost the benefits of your skincare. My 0.50mm needles go right into the top layers of my dermis so whatever skincare I apply then gets right into the dermis making it much more effective.


Rolling is brilliant for acne scaring. Depending on the severity though, you may need to have professional derma rolling where they are able to use larger needles with aesthetic. Home rollering can help with pigmentation, lifting skin, reducing pores and boosting collagen.

I use my roller on clean, cleansed and toned skin, at night before I go to bed. You need to roller in different directions going back and forth across your skin. It’s not painful at all. It’s just a prickly feeling and there is something quite satisfying about it.

Immediately your skin feels warm and plumped, the more you roller, the hotter your skin gets.

I usually roller for 1-2 minutes.

Once I have finished I apply Sunday Riley Luna. I love this stuff – See my full review here.

I warm a few drops into my hands then press it into my skin and let it work its magic overnight.


The following day my skin looks plumped and healthy.

The trick with dermarolling is consistency. You need to do it regually. Instructions will come with your derma roller and the needle size you use depends on how often you should do it.

After 6 weeks of use, twice a week, I havent seen much reduction yet in the redness around my nose but my skin is definitely smoother, more plumped and my fine lines have  reduced.

Some important things to remember when derma rolling –


  • Do not apply acids after rolling – you need to use ideally, vitamin A or C or skincare containing peptides. 

  • Clean derma roller after each use. I use surgical spirit but any disinfectant will work.


Have you tried derma rolling?

Thanks for reading


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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Dermarolling

  1. I thought I’d have a read and see how you got on with this! I’m still going with mine. My needles have had a right pasting with me doing it every night now. I’m going to up my needle length and buy a new roller soon! I can’t get enough of the plumping effect. Sorry it’s not worked for your broken capillaries. Have you thought about having them lasered? I’ve had to have it done twice, both for different reasons. I whipped off blackhead clearing nose strip too quickly donkey’s years ago and 2 capillaries appeared instantly and took up residence at the side of my nose from that day onwards. I hated them and eventually paid to have them lasered. They’re gone and now I don’t have to worry about them anymore. The other time was again my own silly fault. I used a Clarisonic Mia and caused broken capillaries across my cheeks. I had them lasered as I couldn’t conceal them properly. Best thing I ever did!

    Samantha x


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    1. No I hadn’t even thought about lasers but I will definitely look into that. Thanks for letting me know. I think mine are caused by squeezing spots when I was a teenager ☹️ I do seem to have a few appearing on my cheeks too. I wonder if using a face brush has caused those then?? Will definitely be continuing to roller – I love it x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh yes the spot squeezing wouldn’t have helped, I did the same! It could well be your brush causing your cheek capillaries. I sold mine in the end. I use my BeGlow TIA now instead as it’s a fixed head with rubber “bristles” and much safer and less harsh than a brush. x

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