Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Strips

For a while now I have been looking at getting my teeth whitened and was about to book in with my dentist when I was watching one of Nadine Baggot’s YouTube videos (if you love beauty, check her out) and she said that using these teeth whitening strips made her teeth whiter than when she had teeth whitening at the dentist.

At £47.00 for a 2 week supply this is a cheaper option than teeth whitening at the dentist which is around £300.00 so I decided to give the strips a go.

I purchased mine from UK Teeth Whitening

There are various options but I went for the glamorous white strips. It’s recommended that initially you wear them for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks. Then you can just refresh every few months wearing the strips just once, for an hour.


The box of strips arrived within a couple of days and that evening after doing my skin care, I popped the strips in.

Each pack contains a strip for top teeth and a strip for bottom teeth.


You peel the strip off and stick them onto your teeth. You need to use a mirror to ensure your teeth are completely covered. Initially the strips don’t look like they have anything on them but once on your teeth, you can see almost a white foam appear.


Once on you wait 30 minutes then remove.

They are very comfortable when they are on and you cannot taste anything unpleasant either.

When you remove they feel like they are glued to your teeth so you have to peel them off and sometimes some bits of the strips stuck to my teeth so I had to just rub my teeth to get some residue off. I then rinse my mouth out with some water and thats it.

I noticed a difference in my teeth colour after the first day. I was really surprised to see a difference so quickly.

I finished the 14 day treatment a few days ago and I am really happy with the results.


OK, I don’t have dazzling white teeth but I wouldn’t want that anyway, I always wanted a natural white shade.

I would still like them to be a little whiter so I will wait a few months and then will get some more strips.

My teeth feel exactly the same as they did before the treatment. I have not had any sensitivity and no sore gums.

Have you ever tried these?

Thanks for reading


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