Dior Lipsticks

Happy new year everyone!

Whilst out shopping over Christmas, I had a look at the Dior beauty counter in Debenhams and decided it was about time I tried a lipstick. I don’t know why I have never purchased on before because I love Dior make-up.

Sticking to my favourite nude / pink shades, I chose Rouge Dior in shade 458 – Paris and Ultra Rouge in shade 485 – Ultra Lust.

The packaging is beautiful as you would expect from Dior.


Both lipsticks are very hydrating and surprisingly long-lasting. They claim to last for 12 hours but I get them to last for at least 4 hours without having to re-apply which I think is pretty good.

The black cased lipstick is the Rouge Dior and is a satin matte finish. It claims to be lip plumping but I don’t see any plumping on my lips.


The red cased lipstick is the Ultra Rouge Dior which is a more pigmented lipstick but in this shade, it’s quite neutral and not too bright which is what I like. I just don’t suit bright coloured lipsticks.

Swatches are below – photo taken with no filter in natural light.

The top shade is 458 Paris and the bottom shade is 485 Ultra Lust.


I love both lipsticks and will definitely buy these again and will try more from Dior.

Have you tried any Dior lipsticks?

Thanks for reading


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9 thoughts on “Dior Lipsticks

  1. I am a lipstick expert, er, addict. I have soooo many in my bathroom and always carry five with me in my bag. My husband thinks I only own about 30. Ha! I just bought Charlotte Tilbury Bond girl and even the Kylie Jenner lipsticks are on order right now. I will soon be going after more! Somebody get me a doctor!

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  2. Is everything okay? Don’t know if you’ve received other emails? Can you email me back so I have your current email address please?

    Sent from my iPad


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