Monica Vinader Jewelley

I love Monica Vinader Jewellery. I love the simplicity of her pieces and the fact that they are stackable and available in silver, gold and rose gold options. You can also ensure your jewellery fits perfectly because they do different sizes.

Everything has a 2 year warranty and you can also get your jewellery engraved for free!

My collection may be small at the moment but I will definitely be adding to it.

I have three silver rings which I wear stacked together. I plan on buying more rings but next on my wish list is a bracelet.


The packaging is beautiful. All of my rings came in individual wooden boxes and  ribbon tied brown and gold bags.


I wear silver jewellery most days but do sometimes wear gold so intend on buying some gold pieces in the future.

Do you own anything from Monica Vinader?

Thanks for reading


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4 thoughts on “Monica Vinader Jewelley

  1. Doesn’t jewelry make you happy?! I love bigger pieces as I am rough with my jewelry so I bought a lot of necklaces and bracelets and earrings from Brighton. Their silver is actually another metal that does NOT tarnish. And they have gold tone, often mixing the two colors together with a crystal or something. And the prices are reasonable I think as the quality and longevity is there. I enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing!

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