How to Wear False Eyelashes

I dont wear false lashes everyday but I do like to wear them on nights out. I find that if you chose the right lashes, they really complete your make-up.

When I first tried false lashes I found them an absolute nightmare to apply but now I know what I am doing its easy.

Here are my tips –

  • Chose the right lashes! This is the most important thing. The lashes you pick depend on the look you are going for. I prefer natural full looking lashes. Don’t use cheap lashes either. Spend a little bit more and get good quality which you can re-use several times. Silk lashes are a personal favourite.


  • Cut to size. Before you start sticking them to your eyelids just hold them in place and you will find you need to trim the outer corner to ensure the perfect fit. You want them to be exactly the same length as your own lash line
  • Use an applicator. This was a game changer for me. This little tool makes it so easy. Before this, I used tweezers but this is so much better.


  • Chose the right glue. My favourite is Revlon Precision Clear. It’s easy to apply with a brush tip and its clear


  • Let the glue go tacky. Apply the glue to the edge of the lashes then leave it for 30 seconds then the lashes are ready to be applied.


  • One you are happy with your lashes, coat them and your natural lashes with a layer of your favourite mascara then you are good to go.


  • Look after your lashes. When you remove them, take off any glue and store in a container so they kept clean and dry. Then you can wear multiple times.

I get all my lashes, glue, applicator etc from they stock loads of brands and have 10% off when you sign up for emails.

What are your favourite lashes?

Thanks for reading


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** These items were sent to me as part of a PR package – all opinions are my own

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