Dior Forever Foundation

This new Dior foundation has been raved about since its launch. I don’t think I have seen any negative reviews about this product.

As a die-hard Estee Lauder Double Wear fan, last time I was enticed to try another foundation (Armani Power Fabric) it was a disaster. It was an awful colour and my skin broke out in spots. So I resisted trying the new Dior Forever Foundation for a while.

When I finally gave in to temptation, I went to my local Dior beauty counter and was colour matched. There are 36 shades available. My shade is 2,5N. This foundation comes in either a matt or a glow finish. I went for the matt option.

It claims to be a 24 hour medium – full coverage foundation which is packed with skincare so it’s actually good for your skin. This is what interested me and why I wanted to try it. It has a higher SPF than Double Wear also. At £37.00 its more expensive than Double Wear.

The bottle is lovely and comes with a pump dispenser. The packaging from Dior is as beautiful as you would expect. You always get a gift box and bag.


The colour match is good for my skin but that’s about as good as my review gets I’m afraid.

First of all I found this difficult to apply. I tried a brush and a sponge and eventually used my fingers (which I hate doing) but this got the best finish. I would say this is medium coverage at best.

It lasts probably 5 hours on my skin before it starts separating around my T Zone. I don’t have an oily T Zone either so wasnt expecting this to happen. By the end of the day my skin looks awful. It’s all patchy and its worn off completely around my eyes.

I have to compare this to Double Wear as its my favourite foundation. When I come to remove my make up at the end of the day when wearing Double Wear, it still looks as good as when I first applied it in the morning.

I persevered with Dior Forever for a few days, trying various skin primers to see if that made a difference but it made no difference whatsoever. Still the same result.

I am really disappointed with this foundation and I seem to be the only person who doesn’t like it.

Have you tried this?

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