Dermaplaning at Home

I have been dermaplaning my face for probably a year or so now. For anyone who isn’t sure what dermaplaning is, its basically – shaving your face.

The whole point is to remove the peach fuzz we all have on our faces, and also the top layer of dead skin cells which then leaves you with much smoother, glowing skin and it improves the appearance of your make-up because foundation has nothing to cling to which can sometimes cause the “cakey” look.

I contemplated doing this for months before I actually plucked up the courage to do it. Firstly because I was terrified that I would end up with a stubbly face, and second, the razor you use looks like a surgeons tool so I had visions of slashing my face.

I buy my razors from Amazon. They are a couple of pounds for 10 and I usually use mine twice before throwing them away.

They are often called eyebrow shapers and yes, they are great for shaping eyebrows as well as dermaplaning.


Its only recently I have heard this called dermaplaning and it does sound more appealing than “face shaving”. Lots of beauty salons now offer this procedure so you can get it done by a professional if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself.

Don’t attempt to do this if you have acne or any skin condition.

Heres how to do it –

  • 1) Cleanse, then thoroughly dry skin
  • 2) Using one hand, pull skin taught
  • 3) Using other hand, hold razor at a 45 degree angle
  • 4) Use short swift strokes down the skin (in the direction of hair growth) and scrape off peach fuzz

I do this down my cheeks, my top lip, chin, down my neck and I shape my brows.

Don’t over do it and be very careful with the blade.


Afterwards, your skin my be slightly red and feel warm. I use a calming toner then moisturise. My favourite at the moment is Liz Earle.


Of course, your peach fuzz will grow back, but it comes back exactly the same as it was before.

Do this one a month so the skin has time to rejuvenate before you do it again.

Have you tried dermaplaning?

Thanks for reading


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