Lano – The Skin Miracle Cream

About six months ago a patch of eczema appeared on the side of my foot. Never having suffered from eczema before I wasn’t really sure how to treat it. At first I ignored it, hoping it would disappear as quickly as it arrived but no, it just got more angry and itchy as time went on.

I went to the pharmacy and they told me to use hydrocortisone cream. I purchased two tubes and applied every day and evening for several weeks. The eczema didn’t change at all. The cream made no difference.

Before retuning to the pharmacy I was watching my favourite you tuber – Lydia Elise Millen and she said Lano cream had helped with her eczema.

So, I got straight on Cult Beauty and ordered a tube of the Lanolips everywhere multi-cream.


The cream has a very rich and thick texture. The smell isn’t great – a bit like cooking oil, but it doesn’t hang around. You don’t smell it once its on your skin.

After using this for a few days, my eczema was subsiding. The itching had stopped and the redness was calming.

I continued to use it for a few weeks until I was eczema free. I am still shocked about how good this stuff is. Now, I use the cream when ever I get any dry patches anywhere, even on my face. My nose is prone to dryness so I just use a little of this at night and let it work its magic when I sleep.

I cannot recommend this cream enough. To me, its a better version of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It can do so much, but its a lovely thick cream rather than the 8 hour cream which is more of a balm.


It costs just £10.99 for a 85ml tube and it will last you ages.

Have you tried this cream or any of the Lanolips products before?

Thanks for reading


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