Trying Lush Products

I don’t know why I have never tried anything from Lush before. I love their shops and the fact that the products are all handmade, but whenever I go in I find myself wondering around and coming out without buying anything.

I had wanted to try some products for a while so ordered online instead.

I picked three of their most cult products and I have been using them for the last few weeks. Here are my thoughts –

Rose Jam Shower Gel

At £14 this is a lot more than I would normally pay for a shower gel. But, my favourite smell is rose so this product really appealed.


Unfortunately, when this arrived the lid was broken so a lot of the product had leaked out inside the box. Not off to a great start! Immediatley, the smell hit me. Its extremely sickly sweet. Far too sweet smelling for me. It smells like Jam, not rose.

After paying £14 I was still going to use it though.

As far as shower gels go, its nice. Its no better or worse than any other shower gel. The packaging, if in tact, would have been nice and its something that looks nice in your shower but, In my opinion is just not worth the hefty price tag. The smell is just not for me.

Dream Cream

This is Lush’s number 1 selling product. I can see why this is so popular. I got a 240g tub which cost £16 which again, is quite pricy but you can get a smaller tub if you want to try it for less.


You have to scoop this cream out which I am never keen on doing because I  have long nails. You could get a spatular or brush to apply instead.

Its not an overly thick cream, its a nice texture and applies to the skin lovely. It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky it sinks in quite quickly. I have noticed a difference in my skin since I have used this. My arms and legs are definitely softer. I have been applying every evening before bed.


This is not strong enough for my hands and feet though.

It has a light, fresh smell and I would re-purchase this again.

Handy Gurugu Handcream

I suffer with dry hands so I love a good hand cream. This is a nice thick, buttery cream, but again, it doesn’t hang around leaving you feeling coated in product so you can’t touch anything.


This is my favourite product out of the three and I will 100% be buying this again. I have been putting this on every night before bed and my hands are much softer and look less wrinkled and crepey.

This is £9 for 100g.


I have a little patch of eczema on my hand at the moment and although this hasn’t cleared it up, its not aggravated it. I am using my Lano Cream to sort that.

Have you tried any of these products? Should I try anything else from Lush?

Thanks for reading


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6 thoughts on “Trying Lush Products

  1. Did you say it was damaged in the post? You may have been able to get a replacement. I haven’t actually tried any of those, but I really like the bubble bars – a bit like bath bombs, but with the bubbles you get with bubble bath.

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