Sigma Make-up Brushes

My favourite foundation brush, the Artis palm brush,  was looking a bit tired and grubby (despite regular cleaning), and I have used it pretty much every day for over a year so decided it was time for a new one.

I was going to get the same brush again but the palm brush is pricey so thought I would have a quick look at Feel Unique at their brushes because I had a discount code.

Sigma brushes have a great reputation for quality and value for money. Never having tried anything from this brand before, I was keen to give them a go.

I purchased the F87 Edge Kabuki for my foundation and I also picked up the P87 Edge Precision for my concealer.


I have tried different Kabuki brushes in the past and found nothing as good as the Artis palm brush. I find that because the Artis is so dense, it gives the perfect flawless finish to your make-up. Other brushes tend to just move the product around your face leaving patches and lines.

F87 Edge Kabuki

The brush itself is well made and came well packaged. The density of the fibres is good, but not as dense as the Artis. the best thing about this brush is the shape. Because you have this pointed edge, you can really get a precise application. Its particular good around the eyes and nose areas.


It takes a little longer to blend in your foundation compared to the Artis, but its a smaller brush so thats to be expected. But…. the finish is beautiful! Just as good as the Artis brush.


So, I think I prefer this Sigma to the Artis. Its loads cheaper, gives a lovely finish, its easy to use and, its easier to wash. Washing the Artis was always hard work because of its density.

P87 Edge Precision

I have never used a concealer brush before. I have always applied and blended with my finger.  I know your not supposed to do that, but its just what I have always done.


Anyway, I thought it was about time I tried a brush. I liked this because of the shape. Like the Kabuki, you have precision because of the point.

I use the NARS soft matt concealer so I just dab this brush into the pot and then smooth onto the areas I want to apply.


Its very easy to use, gives a nice finish and again, this brush is very easy to clean.

So overall I am really impressed with Sigma brushes and I am definitely going to buy more.

Have you tried any Sigma products before? What would you recommend I get next?

Thanks for reading


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