Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet – Honest Review

It dawned on me the other day that I had had my Louis Vuitton wallet two years so I thought I would review it for anyone thinking of getting it.

This is the Josephine wallet.


I chose this wallet because I knew the Louis Vuitton canvas was very hard wearing and I also loved the rose accent colour. Other colour choices are available.


I also love that this wallet has a coin purse which is completely separate, so when using a smaller bag, I can just take this purse and put my money and cards in it.


I chose the classic monogram canvas print, but again, other finishes are available.


I have used this wallet every day since I got it and I have to say, the canvas is still completely perfect. Not a blemish or a scratch in sight.

The leather sections of this wallet are the rose parts. Its grained cowhide leather.


Because the rose pink is such a  light colour,  its obviously more prone to discolouration. This is evident on the button. This is starting to look a little dirty.


I am going to look into getting this cleaned actually before it gets any worse.

Inside, the leather is surprisingly clean still. Despite my cards and money going in and out every day, there are no marks and again, no scratches. Also, the slots for the cards have held up very well, I always worry the cards could split the leather but they haven’t.


This is by far the most expensive wallet I have ever owned. My previous wallets have always been from the high street. My last wallet was from Ted Baker and that didn’t wear well at all. The leather cracked and split and it looked very grubby, very quickly.


So do I think this is worth buying? – YES!!

It’s a beautiful timeless item that’s extremely practical and hardwearing. Because of the size and layout of this you can even fit your phone in one of the pockets so it can be used as a clutch bag.


My only suggestion to anyone thinking of buying, would be to consider the darker leather colour options,  because I think that would stay immaculate. But I personally love the rose pink.

Even after two years use, I could sell this wallet and get back what I paid for it. I have absolutely no intention of selling it but it’s still good to know I haven’t lost any money on it.

Thanks for reading.


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6 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet – Honest Review

  1. The rose pink is such a pretty shade, and a welcome surprise inside and on the button. You won’t believe this,, but at a consignment shop last week I found a classic Coach wallet for $5.00, mint condition! I don’t have any LV products but I would love their luggage line.

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