Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Loose Powder

I have tried numerous loose powders in the past. I have seen people achieve such a flawless finish on their skin by using a loose powder and baking, but I have never been a fan. I have always preferred pressed powder.

Baking is something that also doesn’t work for me. It may be because my skin is older, but I just find the powder sits in the lines around my eyes and enhances them rather than hiding them.


I use a powder most days over my foundation to set it in place. Being a fan of Chanel make-up I want to try this powder because it had a luminous finish like I hadn’t seen before in a loose powder so I thought this could be the one that suits my skin.

As you would expect from Chanel, the packaging is beautiful. The powder comes with a velvet puff applicator which is the best powder applicator I have ever used.

There are six shades available to choose from. I chose shade 30 naturel. It costs £36.00

This powder claims to give a sheer finish for the complexion with a natural sheer matt finish, and disguises imperfections without emphasising lines.  A flawless natural complexion, through the inclusion of photo-reflective pigments, which disguise fine lines and skin blemishes. Used on its own, the powder evens out the complexion and gives a sheer, natural matt makeup.


Unfortunately this for me, give me the same finish as all the other loose powders I have tried. It made my skin look dry and cakey.

I don’t think my experience is down to the quality of the powder, I think it is just because my skin doesn’t like this sort of product. This is definitely the finest loose powder I have ever tried and it does have a lovely luminous finish.

So, I think I just need to accept now that I can’t use loose powder. Pressed only for me from now on.

Have you tried this product?

Thanks for reading.


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