Estee Lauder Brow Pencil

Last month I was at the airport about to fly to Spain when I realised I had forgotten to buy a new eyebrow pencil. I went to Boots to get my favourite Max Factor Brow Shaper but they didn’t have it.

So I picked up the Estee Lauder MicroPrecise Brow Pencil from World Duty Free.

At £18.50 it was a lot more expensive than the Max Factor pencil but the shade 03 Brunette looked a good match and it also had the spoolie on one end which I like, so I got it.


As you would expect from Estee Lauder, this is a good quality product. The pencil doesn’t snap when you apply the slightest pressure, like others I have tried in the past, its long lasting and easy to apply. The pencil is nice and fine so it allows you to fill in your brows using light strokes to get brows looking naturally full.

The spoolie is good and allows you to brush your brows into shape before and after applying the pencil.


This pencil is just as good as the Max Factor one but the price doesn’t make it worth purchasing again – Its £10.00 cheaper and lasts the same amount of time so I will be sticking with my Max Factor Brow Shaper in the future.

Have you tried this before? Whats your favourite brow product?

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